Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) powder used in Paints and Coatings has a spatial steric effect.

Adding calcium carbonate to paint can cause the relatively dense lithopone to stay suspended and not sink to the bottom. It can increase the whiteness and luster of the paint film without reducing the covering ability. These performance-enhancing qualities have ensured the large-scale acceptance of calcium carbonate by the paint industry. It can prevent settling in latex paints and can reduce the amount of dispersant needed. The use of calcium carbonate that has been activated by treatment with a chelated paint dispersion and coupling agent can significantly increase the paint’s color intensity and reflection, thereby enhancing the luster and also improving covering ability, abrasion resistance, adhesion, impact resistance, and flexibility.

Calcium carbonate is used even more extensively in the aqueous paint industry. It can prevent pigment settling, promote good dispersion, and improve luster. Typically 20%-60% calcium carbonate is used in aqueous paints.

Calcium carbonate is also widely used with a very high dosage (up to 60%) in skimcoat, wall plaster powder, putty as a filling material & whiteness improvement.

Global Minerals’ Calcium Carbonate Powder with outstanding characteristics:

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?Very good particle size distribution. We can provide the good opacity for your products

?High Brightness (above 96%), Purity (above 98.5%). Optimize the properties of TiO2, and increase the paint color intensity and reflection.

?Large production scale (above 20000 MT/month). We can supply the COMPETITIVE Price for bulk orders.

?We have a wide customer network in Paints and Coatings Industries in over 40 countries worldwide. Therefore, we can understand well your demands & fast technical support.

?Certificates: REACH, ISO 9001-2015…

APPLICATIONS: Emulsion Paint, Water-based Paint, Oil-based Paint, Textured Paint, Interior & Exterior Paint, Skimcoat, Powdercoating,…

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