We make your buying decision-making of calcium carbonate powder so much easier!

Our Calcium Carbonate Powder with many grades is available to you as FREE Samples to help you make the right decision.
From Grade: 10 micron to 74 micron Top Cut D97, ordering samples is easy.

  • Hundred of customizable grades are available to ‘Try Before You Buy’… and 100% are free!*
  • Sampling products first means there are no surprises
  • Eliminates any concerns about quality or grade

Calcium Carbonate Powder Free Sample Guidelines

Our sample policy means you can “try it before you buy it.” By sampling our products, you eliminate any concerns about quality, color, and size.


As a business-to-business company, we provide complimentary samples to our clients and prospective customers to assist them with evaluating the quality of products. We are happy to work with our international friends.

If you request a sample for shipment outside Vietnam, we can give you the free sample, and please provide us with your UPS/ DHL/ FedEx import account to ensure that the courier charge and all applicable duties are paid by your side.
Due to the cost of doing business and our desire to keep prices low for our customers, we reserve the right to decline questionable/non-business-free sample requests and to limit the volume of products sent up to 2kg.

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About Calcium Carbonate Powder From Global Minerals – a member of Nhat Huy Group

1. Best natural stone source
With factories located in Vietnam, we can commit to delivering the best quality to all our esteemed customers (CACO3: 98.5 %; Whiteness: 98 % min;  Brightness: 96% min).

2. Best capacity and highest exporting volume
With a capacity for exporting of up to 20.000MT/ month, we are now the biggest exporter in Vietnam. Our material, whose quality is worldwide approved, has a presence in 40 countries in the world.

3. Strict Quality Control Process
The cutting-edge technology from ANIVI, Spain with strict quality control (checked every single 30 minutes with the latest equipment such as Color Analyzer from Hunterlab (USA), Particle Laser Diffraction MALVERN (England).

4. Excellent services
Fast delivery is committed, just 7-10 days after order confirmation, and our after-sales process is strictly followed to track measures of customer satisfaction.