Exploring Solutions: CaCO3 Powder For Paints & Coatings

Join us in exploring CaCO3 Powder for Paints & Coatings that reduce costs and enhance product quality.

Complementing titanium dioxide provides vital supplements in the production process, ensuring optimal results. At our manufacturing facility, we specialize in producing a variety of particle sizes of Calcium Carbonate. This versatility allows us to cater to different paint qualities tailored to meet a wide range of needs.

Moreover, we go the extra mile by meticulously selecting our raw materials. This focus on quality enhances the optical values of the paint industry, resulting in powders that exhibit a brilliant white, guaranteeing exceptional paint finishes.

How can TiO2 usage and costs be reduced with CaCO3 Powder for Paints & Coatings?

Paint production is known to be costly, and Titanium Dioxide is a major contributor to the expenses. It accounts for approximately 50% of the total material costs in the paint manufacturing process.

The primary components of paint are pigments, binders, and solvents. Pigments like metal chrome or iron oxides are responsible for the color. The cost of pigments, especially for the popular color white, is significantly high due to the reliance on Titanium dioxide.

To address this, paint producers have been exploring alternatives to reduce their dependence on Titanium dioxide by incorporating white-grade calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate can replace up to 40% of the Titanium dioxide requirements for paint production, depending on the specific formulation and desired color.

Using CaCO3 Powder for paint producers can make this substitution to lower costs while still achieving the desired color and quality in their final products.

Key benefits of using CaCO3 Powder for Paints & Coatings Industry

Calcium carbonate is a highly versatile ingredient used in the paint industry to create powder coatings and emulsion paint. Its exceptional distribution and high whiteness improve the paint’s workability.

The advantages of CaCO3 Powder for Paints & Coatings:

  • Strengthens and enhances the painting film’s resistance to water, dryness, and scrubbing while reducing construction costs.
  • Enhances the intensity of paint color and reflection, resulting in a superior luster.
  • Improves the paint’s coverage, abrasion resistance, adhesion, impact resistance, and flexibility.
  • Increases the surface area covered by paint, enhancing its characteristics.

Fine CaCO3 Powder for Paints is even more extensive in the aqueous. It prevents pigment settling, promotes excellent dispersion, and improves luster. The outstanding performance qualities of calcium carbonate have made it widely accepted in the paint industry. Additionally, calcium carbonate acts as a pigment extender in ink, providing turbidity, viscosity, and ball control. It can also be used for dyes and dispersion acid.

Tại sao nên chọn Bột CaCO3 cho Sơn & Chất phủ từ Global Minerals?

Global Minerals, a member of Nhat Huy Group, is the top corporation in Vietnam for manufacturing and exporting calcium carbonate powder. If your company operates CaCO3 Powder for the Paints & Coatings industry, partnering with suppliers who excel in raw materials and large-scale production is crucial. Global Minerals fits this criteria perfectly and can provide your business with numerous advantages.

Furthermore, the calcium carbonate offered by Global Minerals boasts exceptional qualities, including:

  • Excellent particle size distribution for optimal opacity in your products.
  • High brightness (above 96%) and purity (above 98.5%) to enhance paint color intensity and reflection. ? Large production scale (above 20000 MT/month) allows for competitive pricing on bulk orders.
  • Extensive customer network in the Paints and Coatings Industries, spanning over 40 countries, ensures a deep understanding of your needs and fast technical support.
  • Certifications including REACH and ISO 9001-2015.

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