From Global Minerals: Ride the CHINAPLAS 2023 Wave

Chinaplas 2023, Asia’s premier plastics and rubber trade fair, recently concluded at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center. This year’s event centered around the theme “A Brighter and Shared Future, Powered by Innovation,” successfully showcasing innovative plastics solutions and market trends. 

Witness the success at Chinaplas 2023

The exhibition’s 380,000-square-meter space hosted more than 3,900 exhibitors from nine different countries, providing visitors with a glimpse of cutting-edge technology across 18 topics covering injection molding, extrusion machinery, 3D printing, recycling, smart manufacturing, bioplastics, composites, high-performance materials, thermoplastic elastomers, and rubbers.

In her pre-event announcement, Ada Leung, General Director of Chinaplas organizer Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., expressed her desire to bring participants a four-day physical show for face-to-face communication, technology exchange, and new business opportunities, particularly concerning the RCEP and GBA. Overall, Chinaplas 2023 was a significant success and an excellent opportunity for the plastics and rubber industries to explore new horizons.

Experience the future of plastics and rubber at Chinaplas 2023. Discover cutting-edge products, innovative materials, and advanced machinery technologies that can take your business to the next level. Explore the latest technologies from China’s top companies focusing on “professionalization, refinement, specialization, and innovation.” 

With upgraded technologies and smarter solutions, Chinaplas 2023 will equip you with the tools to seize emerging opportunities in the RCEP and GBA, and adapt to fast-paced market changes in real-time. It is no exaggeration to say that this event is an exceptional opportunity to learn, grow, and lead in the industry. 

Celebrate the successful demonstration of Global Minerals’ CaCO3 powder at Chinaplas 2023

Global Minerals made waves at Chinaplas 2023 with their latest Filler Masterbatch products. Over 1000 customers, including big players in China’s manufacturing and trading industries, flocked to their booth in Hall 14, Y61, within only four days. The exciting result? Global Minerals managed to sign 10 contracts right then and there, which was an unexpected accomplishment for our unremitting efforts.

Global Minerals’ CaCO3 powder stole the show at Chinaplas 2023 thanks to its exceptional whiteness and purity. The product is a popular choice in the plastic & resin industry, and attendees couldn’t help but appreciate our innovative solutions and initiatives.

Boasting a professional team of senior sales experts at booth Y61- Hall 14, Global Minerals demonstrated our commitment to customer satisfaction, providing innovative solutions and initiatives to countless visitors. Our senior sales professionals at booth Y61- Hall 14 answered questions and provided unparalleled service to many customers. This professionalism certainly contributed to our success at the event.

The success at Chinaplas 2023 is a testament to their dedication to bringing comprehensive development to the plastic industry. They look forward to connecting with even more customers in the future.

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Visit us at CHINAPLAS 2024 to explore the premier CaCO3 Powder products

Nhat Huy Group was established in 2004 as an exporter of calcium carbonate powder. Since then, it has developed as a Vietnamese manufacturer with excellent results in international markets. It focuses on calcium carbonate powder, plastic support materials, and quartz slabs. Nhat Huy has exported plastic and building stone materials to foreign countries, and the world is developing.