For more than 20 years, Nhat Huy Group has been known as a leading corporation in Vietnam and the world in producing and exporting Calcium Carbonate Powder. This powder is the main raw material for many industries, such as Detergent, Skimcoat, Painting and Tile Grout, Putty Wall, PVC Pipe, and Plastics.… We can offer our CaCO3 powder at a much more competitive price than other suppliers and with more consistent quality.


Being the world-class supplier from Vietnam to the Indonesia & Philippines markets, we would like to offer you our CaCO3 powder with BIG PROMOTION with the best quality.   

Special Price: Discount 70 -100 USD/CONT for the first order

Especially our products have the following features that make them stand out:

✅High purity: > 98.5% CaCO3 min 

✅High whiteness: > 98 % 

✅High brightness: > 96 % 

✅Oil Absorption: 19-25% 

✅Good dispersion, environmental stability

Thanks to its CaCO3 Powder factories with a monthly capacity of 20,000 MTs, Global Minerals is always being proactive in the source of materials so that we can be confident about the production cost to give the most competitive price in the market.

At Global Minerals, you can trust us to provide Calcium Carbonate Powder that meets your budget and performs optimally. Our team is staffed with knowledgeable professionals who will guide you through the process. So don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our special offers.

Why is Calcium Carbonate Powder from Global Minerals – a member of Nhat Huy Group favored in ASIA MARKET?

With the factory located in Viet Nam – one of 5 countries owning the BEST Natural Calcium Carbonate in the world, our Calcium Carbonate Powder will find your production well due to these advantages:

⏩ More than 20 years of experience in this field with well-skilled staff 

Global Minerals, a member of the esteemed Nhat Huy Group, is a company dedicated to exploiting and exporting White limestone products. Boasting ownership over the premier resource sites and substantial output capacity, Global Minerals has secured its leading position in Vietnam.

At our company, we set extremely high expectations for our employees and staff. We believe in delivering the best products and services possible, so we would be thrilled to form a long-term business relationship with you. Our workers and staff members are highly trained and disciplined, so you can rest assured that you will receive what we offer. We would love to have the opportunity to work with you and achieve mutual success together.

HIGHEST CAPACITY compared to other suppliers in Vietnam

At our two globally recognized factories, we are proud to utilize the most cutting-edge technologies from Japan, Germany, and Spain. This advanced technology allows our clients to enjoy a host of top-tier quality products. With a monthly production capacity of up to 20,000 tons, we guarantee quick and on-time deliveries while remaining cost-effective and emphasizing quality assurance.


Nhat Huy Group has established itself as a leading limestone and CaCO3 powder supplier in Vietnam for over ten years. We are well-equipped with our quarries and factories to ensure consistent quality across all orders, including low impurities, strength, and elongation. We take great pride in being able to maintain a world-class standard of production.

By applying the most advanced technology with strict quality control, we are committed to ensuring you’ll have no dispersion issues. We test all our lots in the lab in 30 minutes. Plus, you can rely on us for a consistent mesh size and high elongation that meets your highest expectations.

⏩ Wide customer network: OVER 40 COUNTRIES in the world

Global Minerals is proud to offer a wide range of quality mineral products at a competitive price. Our factory system utilizes advanced technology and an experienced workforce to maximize efficiency. Our CaCO3 stone powder products benefit customers in more than 30 countries, extending from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan to Thailand, Indonesia, UAE, Korea, Australia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Mauritius.

Nhat Huy is focused on expanding factory scale and business operations to a global audience dedicated to top-tier quality and specialized services. We are confident that our products will meet customers’ expectations while providing continual satisfaction worldwide.

⏩ Certificate: HALAL, ISO, REACH, etc.

World organizations have recognized our products through the following certifications: HALAL, ISO, REACH, etc.

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