What are the advantages of CaCO3 stone powder in producing SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring?


SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) floor is understood as a stone-grained plastic floor by research. This type of floor is considered the latest technology material on the market, overcoming many disadvantages of other flooring materials such as wood, stone, or pure plastic.

SPC is industry jargon for Plastic Composite Stone or Polymer Composite Stone. It describes the super hardcore of luxury vinyl flooring, and the stone plastic composite material makes the core layer of the floor almost indestructible, maintainable, etc. And the primary material that makes up this hardcore is CaC03 stone powder (about 60%); the rest is polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers.

SPC flooring has a much higher composition of calcium carbonate (limestone) than WPC (a type of flooring born before SPC – roughly called Wood Plastic Composite), which is also the reason for the letter “S” in SPC. It has more stone components, which we can understand as composite stone floors. The stone resin mixture makes the core layer relatively durable, maintaining its form even on uneven surfaces. Therefore, people use SPC flooring for installing on any level, on almost any existing subfloor (hardcover), and to any force applied.

The hardcore part of the SPC floor usually consists of 4 layers:

  • Back layer: This is considered the backbone of the floorboard, the bottom support layer of all external forces acting on the floorboard.
  • SPC Core: SPC flooring contains a sturdy, waterproof core. It won’t ripple, swell or peel no matter how much liquid you get on it. This core is extremely dense and foam-free like you’ll find in traditional WPC flooring. It gives you a little less resilience underfoot but adds more durability in use.
  • Layer for printing textures: The manufacturer shows the decorative surfaces that make the floor closely resemble natural materials such as stone and wood.
  • Wear-resistant layer: The outermost layer of the board helps protect your floor from dents, scratches. The thicker the abrasive layer, the more protection the floor will have. SPC flooring is known for having a cushioning, sturdy wear layer that provides more protection.

Advantages of SPC Flooring when using CaC03 stone powder as the main ingredient:

  • 100% Waterproof: It is perfect for application areas exposed to water.
  •  People can use it for installation on any hard surface, including tiles.
  • Super Durable: SPC vinyl flooring is the most demanding, most durable vinyl flooring option on the market.
  • The appearance and style are diverse, youthful, and the wood and stone details are convincing and beautiful.
  • Maintenance-free: All you need is simply a vacuum cleaner and a regular mop to keep the space clean.
  • Does not expand/shrink: A big worry for traditional laminate flooring is that expansion and contraction cause movement or warping of the floor. The hardcore of the SPC does not expand or contract, even in the presence of moisture.
  • Easy DIY Installation: Luxurious vinyl planks and tiles with sturdy cores easily install themselves on most surfaces.
  • Sound Absorption: The SPC core of luxury vinyl flooring has a hardcore for optimal sound absorption.
  • Cozy feel: Hard cores are known for providing extra warmth, especially compared to cold ceramic tiles.