CaCO3 from Global Minerals – A reputable product exported worldwide

For nearly 20 years, Global Minerals Joint Stock Company, a prominent member of the Nhat Huy Group, has established itself as a leading manufacturer and exporter of Calcium Carbonate Powder in Vietnam. Our high-quality product, known as NH; VINCARB, serves various industries including Plastic, Paint, Paper, Rubber, and Ceramic.

NH; VINCARB, the newest addition to the Nhat Huy Group’s brand portfolio, provides exceptional product quality and reliable services. Our naturally sourced ultrafine calcium carbonate powder is obtained from pristine white marble found in Vietnam.

Situated in Vietnam, one of the top five countries in the world with the finest natural calcium carbonate, our factory proudly exports prestigious Calcium Carbonate Powder to numerous countries across the globe. Experience the advantages of our product and discover why it is trusted by industry professionals worldwide.

Strategic geographical location

Global Mineral Factory stands out as a pioneering investment in Vietnam’s calcium carbonate powder industry. Our factory enjoys numerous geographical benefits, setting us apart in terms of nature and vision.

Strategically situated in Quy Hop Industrial Zone, Quy Hop District, Nghe An Province in Vietnam, our factory thrives in a dynamic economic environment, particularly in the industry and cottage industry sectors. This prime location grants us unparalleled convenience in reaching Hai Phong port. Plus, our production lines feature the latest state-of-the-art technologies, expertly designed, manufactured, and installed by the renowned Hosokawa Alpine from Germany.

To accommodate the ever-growing demand, our factory boasts a remarkable production capacity of over 20,000 tons per month. Additionally, we have ample storage facilities capable of holding up to 10,000 tons. Rest assured, our customers can rely on a consistent supply of calcium carbonate powder that meets world-class standards.

Cutting-edge production technology

We proudly offer CaCO3 powder with the highest whiteness & brightness in the world, resulting in a remarkable 98.5% purity and whiteness. This not only helps you save on production costs by reducing the need for additional chemicals, but also enhances the whiteness and gloss of your end-products.

We take meticulous control over the output materials, ensuring that each order meets our stringent standards of Low Impurities, Good strength, and Elongation. To further ensure quality, we conduct thorough dispersion tests on samples from every batch in our laboratory, guaranteeing no dispersion issues.

In addition, our products come in stable Mesh sizes, customized to match your expectations of high Elongation. Furthermore, we are proud holders of HALAL, ISO, REACH, and other relevant certifications, testifying to our commitment to upholding the highest quality standards.

Global market exportation

With our advanced technology and experienced workforce, we consistently produce high-quality products at a reasonable cost. Our CaCO3 stone powder products have already been exported to over 30 countries, including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and more.

We take pride in our quality site with reserves of over 300,000 tons/year. Our extensive product range of fine CaCO3 powder is sure to meet your needs. Our dedicated team is committed to providing the best products and services to all our customers.

At Global Minerals, we are actively expanding our factory and business activities to various countries and regions. Trust us to deliver high-quality, consistent products and specialized services. Join us in our global success.

Quick delivery guaranteed

Timely delivery is a key advantage we offer. Our skilled and devoted Logistics Team collaborates directly with Shipping Lines to ensure the most efficient booking solutions. With our experienced export team, which has successfully managed numerous shipments to customers worldwide, we guarantee that every single container will reach you promptly and in the requested condition.