Global Minerals 20 Years Journey Towards Global Success

Global Minerals’ two-decade journey has paved the way for our confident advancement towards the world market. Proud to be a part of Nhat Huy Group, let’s reflect on Global Minerals 20 Years Journey starting from being a calcium carbonate powder manufacturer to becoming the coveted global powerhouse in the supply chain. We aim to establish ourselves as the leading brand in this industry, making a mark in history.

Reaching new heights: Global Minerals 20 Years Journey to worldwide impact

Nhat Huy Group has been committed to becoming the top manufacturer in the global supply chain since its inception. To become a world-class corporation, the group believes in prioritizing industry and technology to create international brands. This mission not only holds significance for Nhat Huy but also contributes to the country’s future development. The group has chosen its path by focusing on management and production improvements, continuously expanding its reach.

From its humble beginnings to its current position as an industrial manufacturer, innovation has always been the driving force behind Nhat Huy’s success. It is this core value that guides the group’s business strategy in its journey to uncover the beauty of industrial production and achieve its century-long dream.

Explore our latest innovation in action

Nhat Huy Group, initially a CaCO3 powder factory in Nghe An, has experienced significant growth over the past two decades. It expanded its operations, imported advanced machinery, and diversified into multiple industries, including construction materials and supporting industries. With 13 Phu Tho and Nghe An factories and 10 member companies, Nhat Huy Group has established itself as a prominent manufacturing corporation.

Within the plastic ecosystem of Nhat Huy Group, Global Minerals stands out as the cornerstone, representing the sustainable core value of the raw materials supply chain. In Global Minerals 20 Years Journey, we prioritize system innovation, superior performance, and sustainability, driving positive industrial management and production changes. Our factories and products have undergone a revolution, which is evident by the recent investments in cutting-edge technologies at our mineral factory. We are dedicated to R&D efforts, aiming to solidify ourselves as the leading factory in Vietnam and globally, specializing in producing and exporting CaCO3 Powder products.

Global Minerals 20 Years Journey – “A Brand with History”

Transformation is an ongoing journey of improvement and creativity. As we commemorate our 20th anniversary, Nhat Huy Group and its esteemed member, Global Minerals, stand as impressive examples of our growth and commitment to becoming the world’s top supplier in the plastic industry.

What began in Vietnam as a focus on calcium carbonate powder, plastic support materials, and stones has evolved into a diverse business group with a comprehensive ecosystem. One of our most notable achievements is owning the Global Minerals brand and factory. This brand has become synonymous with high product standards and quality.

In Global Minerals 20 Years Journey, with a skilled and responsible team coupled with advanced technology, Global Minerals is confident in its ability to design and develop products that meet customers’ strictest requirements worldwide. Leveraging our reputation for exceptional products and customer service, we aim to expand into larger global markets and secure more sophisticated orders.

Global Minerals 20 Years Journey is the core force within Nhat Huy Group’s plastic ecosystem. We are driven by a passion for research and development, particularly in the global production of CaCO3 Powder. With pride and confidence, we aspire to become the foremost brand in this field.

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Nhat Huy Group was established in 2004 as an exporter of calcium carbonate powder. Since then, it has developed as a Vietnamese manufacturer with excellent results in international markets. It focuses on calcium carbonate powder, plastic support materials, and quartz slabs. Nhat Huy has exported plastic and building stone materials to foreign countries, and the world is developing.