Enhancing Nhat Huy Group’s Supply Chain with Global Minerals

Nhat Huy Group, a leading player in the Vietnamese plastic industry, utilizes Global Minerals as the foundation for its two plastic factories, Mega and Green PVC. This enables a seamless supply chain for raw materials where the output of one factory serves as the input for another, fostering a sustainable plastic ecosystem. Let’s explore Nhat Huy Group’s supply chain together!

Unlocking the possibilities of Nhat Huy Group’s supply chain

Nhat Huy Group began as a stone powder factory in Nghe An and has expanded exponentially over the past twenty years. Today, it has evolved into a diversified manufacturing corporation focused on construction materials and plastic industry accessories. With 13 Phu Tho and Nghe An factories and 10 member companies, Nhat Huy Group’s supply chain has established a strong presence in the industry. Originally specializing in plastic additives and interior and exterior decorative stone materials, Nhat Huy Group’s supply chain now embraces a broader scope of production. It is committed to developing renewable and eco-friendly product lines while venturing into the acacia wood production industry.

Nhat Huy Group's supply chain

Through years of dedication and hard work, Nhat Huy Group has achieved an impressive ecosystem of member companies and exclusive factories across various provinces and cities nationwide. With access to abundant, high-quality stone sources and a meticulous material selection process, the Nhat Huy brand is equipped to meet the demands of both the domestic and global markets with utmost confidence.

Global Minerals – A solid foundation in the plastic ecosystem

Nhat Huy Group has created a highly impressive plastic ecosystem deeply committed to sustainability. The group specializes in extracting, producing, and exporting Calcium Carbonate Powder, Filler Masterbatch, and PVC Compounds. These high-quality products are carefully manufactured in reputable factories, such as Mega Plast, Green PVC, and Global Minerals, and are shipped to over 60 countries worldwide.

Each manufacturing factory within the Nhat Huy Group’s supply chain operates independently to contribute to the group’s overall success. Utilizing advanced technology, the group has established a material application chain, where the finished products of one factory serve as the input materials for another factory invested in new technology.

Nhat Huy Group's supply chain

Global Minerals, renowned for its CaCO3 Powder product, is at the core of this plastic ecosystem. This essential component creates a raw material application chain, ensuring the system’s strong foundation. Mega Plast and Green PVC – other members of Nhat Huy Group’s plastic ecosystem are fortunate to have the support and commitment to the quality of CaCO3 raw materials from the Global Minerals factory. Therefore, their strength is that they are always proactive in the source of CaCO3 raw materials and confident in production costs and the market’s most competitive plastic pellet prices.

Our CaCO3 Powder is exploited and processed in Nghe An – one of the largest quarries in Vietnam. Global Minerals only selects the purest quarries that meet high standards for exploitation. The CaC03 we use to produce the Filler masterbatch is mainly GCC superfine calcium carbonate. Global Minerals is committed to using CaCO3 stone powder that meets international standards regarding particle size, color, and chemical purity… Our raw materials have a CaC03 content of 98.5%, purity White of 98% min, and brightness of 96% min.

Global Minerals always ensures the purest, brightest ore bodies and mines them with high sustainability standards. We specialize in sourcing the best CaCO3 Powder at an affordable cost with optimal performance. Reach out to us today and take advantage of our special offers. Our team will support you every step of the way.

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Global Minerals 20 Years Journey Towards Global Success

Nhat Huy Group was established in 2004 as an exporter of calcium carbonate powder. Since then, it has developed as a Vietnamese manufacturer with excellent results in international markets. It focuses on calcium carbonate powder, plastic support materials, and quartz slabs. Nhat Huy has exported plastic and building stone materials to foreign countries, and the world is developing.